What we're about

The San Francisco Decentralized Governance Meetup is a forum for all members participating in the blockchain space (developers, entrepreneurs, non-profit orgs, legal experts, and enthusiasts) to learn about the latest use-cases utilizing blockchain technology and how these projects are applying governance. While we live in an exciting time period where technical breakthroughs in blockchain technology enable us to experiment with many governing systems at a rapid pace, we need to also in parallel apply the best governance and cultural practices that history and other disciplines have to offer. We host speakers from a variety of disciplines to foster debate and to uncover key lessons that the community can apply in their own blockchain projects.

We welcome proposals for talks at Aaron@Govrn.io. We are specifically interested in the following topics:

1) Blockchain projects that are thinking about or already have a decentralized governance model in place for activities such as maintaining the protocol or voting on new proposal features/issues.
2) Academia or any other organization who are at the forefront of understanding the pros/cons of varying blockchain governance models: Futarchy, DAO, Liquid Democracy, Quadratic Voting, etc.
3) Experts in the open-source technical standards community with strong opinions on topics such as on-chain vs off-chain voting (or no voting).
4) Experts tackling regulatory and compliance issues so that blockchain projects can be responsible and accountable with managing funds raised.

Past events (7)

Ethereum and Moloch DAO: Protocol vs DAO Governance Series

Needs a location

Gitcoin and Panvala: Protocol vs DAO Governance Series

Needs a location

Aave and LEX DAO: Protocol vs DAO Governance Series

Needs a location

SF Decentralized Governance Meetup w/ MetaCartel

Needs a location

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