• Live Webinar: How to Move from Monolith to Microservices

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    Should you make the move to microservices? How do you avoid the gotchas and overcome the complexities when you do? Navigating the promise vs. reality of microservices can be difficult. And without a solid plan, a migration project can quickly get bogged down with technical challenges, throwing it off schedule and delaying rollout. This is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses that try to adopt these new technologies. We’ll do a deep dive into architecture principles, container orchestration, impacts to CI workflows, monitoring, auto-scaling clusters, and more to shed light on the real-world realities of implementing these new and powerful technologies. You’ll learn: When’s the right time to move to microservices Why Kubernetes for container orchestration How to overcome the most common challenges Pro tip: How to provision your first cluster in minutes Duration: 1 hour Link to register: http://getcloudify.org/webinars/monolith-to-microservices-webinar.html Presented by: Dimitris Moraitis - Co-founder and CTO at Mist.io Dimitris is an entrepreneur & engineer committed to open-source software. He holds a CS BSc and has been the technical lead for organizations around the world since 2001. He co-founded Unweb.me and Mist.io, where he currently serves as the CTO. He's particularly interested in DevOps, HCI, AI, and the social impact of technology. Trammell Scruggs - Cloudify Solutions Architect Trammell is Cloudify Solutions Architect, with over ten years of experience in the enterprise IT space. Trammell is also known as "The Duke of Product" for his essential contribution to Cloudify, and creation of Cloudify blueprints and plugins.

  • Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant, speaks about Nomad and Otto

    Speaker: Mitchell Hashimoto, founder of Hashicorp, creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, Nomad, and Otto. Topic: Hashicorp's Latest Tools: Nomad and Otto. Abstract: * Nomad is HashiCorp's scheduler for scheduling containers, VMs, and more * Otto is HashiCorp's successor to Vagrant, and can both develop and deploy. We'll discuss both, show basic usage, go over basic architecture, and answer any questions. Agenda: 7:00-7:20: Food, beverages, networking 7:20-8:20: Mitchell speaks 8:20-8:45: Q&A Doors close at 8:30. Please RSVP ahead of time. Yelp also unfortunately does not have public bike parking and folks aren't allowed to bring their bikes up to the event floor. --- Yelp is hosting the meetup as well as sponsoring food and beverages. I think everyone knows what Yelp does, so I'll leave that out this time. Yelp's Operations and Infrastructure teams are responsible for all aspects of our production systems, including programmatically launching entire datacenters, designing global network backbones, building data stores on MySQL and Cassandra, making cutting edge PaaS infrastructure with Docker and Mesos, and collaborating with many open-source projects, as well as developing and releasing their own. Their team welcomes people from diverse technical and personal backgrounds, and we're hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Dublin, and many other parts of the world. If your interests and expertise are an awesome fit for their team, they would love to hear from you! Internap is sponsoring food. They are one of the only companies offering high performance cloud and managed servers in the same data centers as bare metal and racks. They have multiple cloud offerings (public, private, and hybrid powered by OpenStack), high quality IP/bandwidth (backed by a managed internet route optimizer), a CDN, managed DNS, security services (including intrusion detection and prevention), storage and backup. Please feel free to ask me for more information about their offerings; they've been my go-to for years, and I built MoPub in their data centers.

  • Allan Naim and Eli Bixby talk about the present and future of Kubernetes

    Want to run containers at scale in the same way that Google does? Last summer, Google released Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration tool built on the same concepts they use to manage the largest public infrastructure deployment in the world - their own. One year after the initial code checkin, Kubernetes is a mature, sophisticated and, dare we say, easy to use orchestration solution with 10k+ github stars and 17k commits from 400 contributors. Come hear Allan Naim (global product lead, google cloud platform) and Eli Bixby (developer programs engineer) talk about the present (and future) of Kubernetes, and how to use it to speed delivery of software in a fast, secure and reliable way. Event is at 7:00pm. Fastly Headquarters, 475 Brannan Street, San Francisco. Please note that the event is limited to 150 people, so RSVP early. There is a waitlist, so if you cannot attend after RSVPing, please change your attendance as early as possible to allow people who are interested to attend. Fastly is sponsoring beer, and providing us a venue. Their software is great, their team is brilliant, and they've been contributing to San Francisco DevOps since I founded the meetup in 2011. So if you need a content delivery, transport layer security, certificate security, supports PCI-DSS, mitigates DDOS attacks, supports streaming media and even has ecommerce integration. Internap is sponsoring food, and is a great source of cloud and bare metal servers, racks, bandwidth and more. They are one of the only companies that offers cloud and managed servers in the same data centers as bare metal and racks, and offer some interesting managed route IP products utilizing BGP. Please feel free to ask me for more information about their offerings. They've been my go-to for years.

  • Software + Hardware + 300 Devs: CI/CD Lessons from Siemens Healthcare

    Quick Update: AppDynamics will be doing a business card raffle at the meetup (they'll have cards everyone can use if you don't have one) and there will be three winners announced. Prizes: 1) Jambox portable speakers 2) $25 Amazon gift card 3) AppDynamics T-shirt So make it out! ------------------------------------------- Hey Folks! Join Roy Osherove and Andrew Gibbons for a great set of talks about their experiences - setting up continuous delivery and automated builds for an extremely complex project and transitioning to a continuous integration company. PLEASE NOTE: Doors close at 7:15pm. Title: Software + Hardware + 300 Devs: CI/CD Lessons from Siemens Healthcare Abstract: Imagine 3 companies in three sites being purchased and asked to play well together to build a software+hardware product for healthcare. 300 developers, architects, UI folks and testers (and more) trying to make sense of a huge beast. Now imagine trying to set up continuous delivery and automated builds for that project. That was exactly Roy Osherove's job in the past year as director of Software Infrastructure, and these are the lessons he learned. Some points we'll touch on: - Parallel Build Pipelines for humans and machines - Speeding up testing - deployment to hardware, cloud and emulators - teamcity, finalbuilder, 100 build agents - PRTG for monitoring - team rooms - Software Infrastructure team and its new responsibilities, and much more. AppDynamics Sr. DevOps Engineer Andrew Gibbons will be introducing Roy and giving a brief overview of AppDynamics's transitioning to a continuous integration company. The full agenda is as follows: 6:00 - 6:30pm: open networking, food and drinks 6:30 - 6:45pm: AppDynamics Sr. DevOps Engineer - Andrew Gibbons will be introducing AppDynamics and discussing their transitioning to a continuous integration company 6:45 - 8:00pm: Main speaker - Roy Osherove will be discussing his experience from Siemens Healthcare 8:00pm - 8:45pm: more open networking

  • A Behind the Scenes Tour of Yelp's SOA Architecture

    Hey Folks! Join Kyle Anderson and the Yelp team for a really great set of talks on September 29th about their architecture and the DevOps tools they use. PLEASE NOTE: Doors close at 8:00pm. A Behind the Scenes Tour of Yelp's SOA Architecture Like lots of companies, Yelp has grown from a single monolithic app to dozens of split services. There have been many talks on how to do this kind of thing, but this talk will focus on all the *other* things required to really pull this off. (other than a good deployment system) Get ready for nitty gritty details and interesting unique solutions that hopefully will inspire you incorporate them into your own architecture. (Warning: May include small samples of code and live demos) We'll have a number of mini talks: • Yelp's SOA Configs: The best one simple trick that was one of the best decisions we made for SOA (20m) • Service Discovery + Docker + Smartstack + Yocalhost: As soon as you through docker into your architecture, you have some new problems to solve. Service discovery is one of them. Another is networking. We've solved this in a solid way and unique way. This talk will hopefully inspire you to steal some of these ideas to integrate in your own architecture. (40m) • Monitoring in a SOA World with Sensu: Nagios doesn't cut it when you start adding services at will and you want to empower different teams to monitor their stuff. Sensu does, and this is how we do it. (20m) • How Yelp Uses Mesos to Power SOA: Statically assigning and provisioning hosts to deploy services sucks. Mesos allows us to dynamically move services around and scale at will. To do this requires good tools and solid infrastructure, we'll show you how we did it and how you can do it too. (40m) The full agenda is as follows: 6:30-7:00pm: Food 7:00 - 7:20pm: Yelp + SOA configs 7:20 - 8:00pm: Service Discovery + Load Balancing + Docker in a multi-datacenter environment 8:00-8:10pm: Break 8:10 - 8:30pm: How to do dynamic monitoring in a SOA world 8:30 - 9:10pm: How Yelp Uses Mesos + Hybrid Cloud / Datacenter for SOA

  • Live Session: Decoding Puppet & Jenkins via DevOps

    Needs a location

    Hello, We'd like to invite you for an expert live session on 'Decoding Puppet & Jenkins in DevOps (http://promo.skillspeed.com/webinar-devops-jenkins-puppet-in/)' scheduled on 3rd September Thursday, 9:00PM to 10:00PM IST / 8:30AM to 9:30AM PDT. The session agenda is as follows: Introduction to DevOps Adoption Process Puppet & Jenkins Performance & Release Optimization Use-Cases & Applications Future & Possibilities of DevOps This promises to be an extremely enriching session and we hope you can make it - Register Here (http://promo.skillspeed.com/webinar-devops-jenkins-puppet-in/) In case you can't make it sign-up anyway, we'll send you the recording. Cheers!

  • Live Session - Performance Automation via #DevOps

    Needs a location

    Hello, We'd like to invite you for an expert live session on ‘Performance Automation via #DevOps (http://promo.skillspeed.com/webinar-devops-performance-automation/)’scheduled on 20th August Thursday, 9:00PM to 10:00PM IST. The session agenda is as follows: • Introduction to DevOps • Adoption Process • The DevOps Toolbox • Performance & Release Optimization • Use-Cases & Applications • Future & Possibilities of DevOps This promises to be an extremely enriching session and we hope you can make it - Register Here (http://promo.skillspeed.com/webinar-devops-performance-automation/) (http://promo.skillspeed.com/webinar-r-programming-predictive-analytics/) In case you can't make it sign-up anyway, we'll send you the recording. Cheers!

  • Stalled at the Intersection of DevOps and Security?

    Hey Everyone! The next meetup is right around the corner, so get ready. Session #1: The majority of enterprises are very concerned about the security of the software they are developing, but how can they secure their software without slowing down their velocity - or put another way - how can they move past being stalled at the intersection of DevOps and Security? With this in mind, we explore the qualities of a security scanning tool that is "plug-and-play" with a modern devOps shop. Presenter: Matthew Barker - Technical Director, Sonatype Matthew's Bio: As a experienced Solutions Architect and Sales Engineer, I help companies efficiently secure their applications. My broad-based experience in open source software and rapid application development combined with my background in software security enables me to provide insightful, technical guidance to companies desiring to produce secure applications of high quality and with minimal license risk. Session #2: Competitive software organizations require high velocity production, operational efficiency, and continuous innovation – often achieved by sacrificing product quality, development process visibility, and corporate governance. As OSS consumption increases, such compromises are less acceptable as they render organizations blind to the building blocks comprising their software, thus accumulating technical debt and introducing risky defects. Learn how a holistic, automatable supply chain management approach to software improves product quality, OSS governance and mean-time-to-repair. Presenter: Yu-Chen Hsueh – Customer Success Engineer, Sonatype Yu-Chen's Bio: My background in software spans numerous domains, including compilers, cross-platform APIs/frameworks, financial data extraction, static analysis, cloud, ALM, and embedded and mobile devices. I have held varied roles, all with one commonality: I enjoy assisting organizations and users achieve technical and business objectives in a cross-functional capacity. My core interests include application security, OSS (open source software), and software mobility. At Sonatype I work with Nexus Lifecycle which is a product for reducing software supply chain risk by quickly detecting security vulnerabilities and risky OSS licenses. Agenda: 6:30 - 7:00: Networking, pizza and beer 7:00 - 8:00: Stalled at the Intersection of DevOps and Security? 8:00 - 8:15: Break 8:15 - 8:45: Software supply chain management: Gaining velocity without losing control 8:45 - 9:15: Optional Networking A huge thanks to the folks at TRUSTe for hosting and sponsoring this event! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • FREE Ticket: How To Start Your Online Marketing Business (San Francisco)

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  • Radical Ideas on The Practice of Cloud System Administration

    Hey there DevOps Enthusiasts! It's that time for our next meetup. Join us for a talk with Tom Limoncelli as he highlights some of the most radical ideas from his new book 'The Practice of Cloud System Administration.' The book focuses on “distributed” or “cloud” computing and brings a DevOps/SRE sensibility to the practice of system administration. Unsatisfied with books that cover either design or operations in isolation, the authors created this new reference centered around a comprehensive approach. Some of the radical advice includes: improving uptime by using cheap unreliable hardware, why you should crash servers at random times, and that you should make peace with outages. Speaker Bio: Tom Limoncelli is a coauthor of the new book, The Practice of Cloud System Administration ( http://the-cloud-book.com ). Tom Limoncelli is best known for books like Time Management for System Administrators (O’Reilly) and The Practice of System and Network Administration (Addison-Wesley). He works in New York City at Stack Exchange, home of ServerFault.com and StackOverflow.com. He tweets @YesThatTom and blogs at http://everythingsysadmin.com Many thanks to Hired (https://hired.com/?utm_source=events&utm_campaign=sanfrancisco&utm_medium=SFDevOpsMeetupQ32015)for hosting and sponsoring this meetup! Hired (https://hired.com/?utm_source=events&utm_campaign=sanfrancisco&utm_medium=SFDevOpsMeetupQ32015) is an online marketplace where top tech companies compete to hire you. You can open the floodgates to offers from our 2,000+ top companies across the SF, London, Seattle, LA & NYC markets by making a profile (https://hired.com/?utm_source=events&utm_campaign=sanfrancisco&utm_medium=SFDevOpsMeetupQ32015) at any time. Or, just shoot us an email at [masked] , if you have questions or want to chat. Drinks and refreshments will be served.