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This group is proposing professional trainings to regulate unwanted emotional patterns and long-standing traumas with patients/clients. These courses are primarily for health, education and sports professionals, as well as for all who wish to help family and friends.
The class is taught by Cedric Bertelli TIPI Inc. CE Provider for LMFT, LCSW, LEP and LPCC (license PCE 5589).
The initial course meets the qualification of 24 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs, LCSWs, LEPs and LPCCs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.
We will be teaching the T.I.P.I. technique for emotional regulation. T.I.P.I. (Fr.: Technique d’Identification sensorielle des Peurs Inconscientes - Technique for the Sensory Identification of Unconscious Fears-). This process of emotional regulation is very efficient for conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger and grief, among others. Trained professionals can generally obtain a complete and permanent resolution of a specific emotional difficulty for their patients in one 30 minute session.

Several other trainings will be proposed to the members after completing the 3 day initial class:

- The T.I.P.I. certification process

- Teaching a client autonomy with T.I.P.I.: "Self TIPI"

- Teaching a goup autonomy with T.I.P.I.

- Helping a person in crisis

- Mastering the technique to help young children

Complete descriptions here: www.cedricbertelli.com or www.tipi.pro

The "T.I.P.I." technique for Sensory Emotional Regulation was developed in France by Luc Nicon, a pedagogy researcher and expert in behavioral communication. This internationally recognized technique is a result of Mr. Nicon’s discoveries in his research on the origin of fears, traumas and emotional blockages. T.I.P.I. is a technique individuals can also apply on themselves to resolve their own emotional and behavioral difficulties throughout their lives.

Currently, T.I.P.I. is widely used by nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches and therapists in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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Introduction to Self-Emotional Resolution® - Learn to release Emotional Pain

Hello Everybody! The unique situation that we are currently living, is unveiling hidden anxiety and fear and exacerbating old ones. Let's use this strange time as an opportunity to resolve our fears, so we can respond to our actual reality instead of reacting out of fear! Thanks to the work of scientists such as Lisa Barrett Feldman or Joseph LeDoux we now better understand how the brain constructs recurring emotional difficulties. From this understanding the Emotional Health Institute educates on how we can re-train our brain to resolve emotional difficulties. We call this method Emotional Resolution® or EmRes®. Cost: $8.00 Location: The Training can be accessed from anywhere! It is taught Live on Zoom. Registration: https://bit.ly/3igRetU This training is all about demystifying emotions and teaching you how to resolve your disruptive, painful or blocking emotions on your own. You will understand how the brain constructs emotional difficulties and how it can permanently release them... in a few seconds. This complete training will impart participants with the concrete knowledge to permanently resolve emotional difficulties autonomously. This event will be hosted on "Zoom". We will make it interactive and fun! Please Register by following the link above, the Zoom Information will be emailed to you. Feel free to share this information... This training is brought to you by the Emotional Health Institute (501 c3) www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org Cedric Bertelli Emotional Resolution®, Trainings & Sessions www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org www.cedricbertelli.com

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