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The SF Gay Men’s Salon is an intellectual discussion group that meets monthly. The topics range from political and social issues to cultural trends and personal growth. Many topics we choose have some gay focus, but not exclusively so. We seek to create a safe, fun space to spark intellectual discussion and exchange ideas and perspectives on topics of concern to the gay community and to society at-large. After each salon, many of us will go eat out at a local restaurant.

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Gays, Religion and Spirituality

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"Doors" will be open at 3:45 on the day of the salon to allow everyone to get "settled and seated". We will start promptly at 4 p.m. At 4:15, doors will "close" after which we cannot guarantee you can gain entry to the Zoom.

While gays are less likely than other Americans to be religious, most of us have a relationship with religion -- often a difficult one. According to a 2019 Pew Research survey, only 16 percent of gay and lesbian Americans attend church regularly, compared with 36 percent of straight people. Yet we think about the meaning and purpose of life just as much, the survey said.


Religious persecution of sexual minorities has taken place for centuries and certainly still does. It's common today in Catholic and evangelical Christian churches, as well as in most other fundamentalist religions. But religious leaders have also come out in defense of gay rights in cases going back to the 1960s. Different views about gay rights have divided mainstream Protestant Christian churches and other religious bodies for decades.

In this month's Salon, we'll be talking about gay men and religion: What it means to us, whether it plays a role in our lives, what it taught us about being gay, and why some of us never want to enter a house of worship again. Here are some questions we'll look at:

Non-religious gays
- Have you rejected a religion you were brought up in? Did the religion reject you?
- How did religion make you feel as a gay man? Was there a "last straw" that made you leave?
- Have differences over religion separated you from loved ones?
- Are you non-religious for reasons that have nothing to do with being gay?

Religious gays
- Do you have a religious community that accepts you as gay?
- Have you stuck with a religion even though it doesn't fully accept you?
- Are you trying to make gays more accepted in your religious community?
- Did you choose the place you worship because you're gay?
- Is it awkward to tell dates or gay friends that you're religious? Have you ever been rejected for it?
- Do you think being queer draws some people to religion? Do we have a meaningful role to play in it?

Spiritual-but-not-religious gays
- Where do you find answers to life's big questions?
- Are you spiritual on your own or in a non-religious community?
- Have you grown more spiritual as you've gotten older?
- Has being gay helped you to understand the meaning and purpose of life?

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