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The Year in Review- 2018
Looking Back on Year 2018 and Looking Forward to 2019 OUR YEAR THAT WAS: -a thoughtful consideration of our 2018: What Have We Learned-High Points/Low Points What Has Been Learned? - an informal sharing and discussion of your thoughts on your experiences and events of the past year and what we think they signify -- in our personal lives and relationships with families, friends, spouses and partners, boyfriends -- in the economy that drives our work lives and finances -- in the politics moving so dramatically in the U.S. and the world, which frames the events of our lives — and the lives of others. Or in other domains (e.g., science, technology) in which you may have particular interest or expertise. We'll do informal sharing of perspectives and thoughts we have around any of these and then continue with holiday snacks and informal conversations. Bring any thoughts or experiences you'd like to share and, if you wish, some snacks or drinks (non-alcoholic due to the requirements of our meeting space). Looking forward to seeing people met at previous sessions and welcoming new folks as well. Come and celebrate the happiness of the past year — and the chance to start anew a better year to come! We’ll have a shorter-than-usual introduction and end small groups a little earlier than usual (5:30) to leave some time for chatting together and sharing snacks IN ADDITION: Dinner after for those who wish at Mateo’s Taqueria, at 2471 Mission – a block and a half away Icebreaker questions: for dyad discussion What was the most difficult experience with which you dealt in 2018 (so far ! )? How did you handle it? What inspired your approach -- such as people whose patterns you’ve learned from or ideas you’ve read or “rules” you’ve heard? Were you satisfied? Would you do it any differently when you encounter a similar situation–why? OR What was the happiest outcome for you in what threatened to be a difficult situation? What do you think led to this result? Are there any lessons in this for how to get more happy outcomes for yourself and others? ----------------------------------------------------- Small group discussion questions: How have relationships – romantic, family, friends, workplace – developed for you in 2018? What do you think were the causes of these outcomes particularly in your own choices and behaviors? Would you change anything in 2019 and, if so, why? Why do people keep on seeking relationships –romantic, friendship, family -- and when these often lead to heartache and occasionally violence? Why? What are the some of the differences between when relationships are generally successful – and when they’re not? Can anything be done to improve the political situation of division and conflict in the U.S.? If you think it can, how? In the face of, in the Buddhist phrase, “sickness, old age, and death” which seems to loom for all: How do we, how do you, find meaning and purpose in life – or, What’s important to you? Does life around you seem less happy or more happy than what we see in the news – AND in our social media contacts? We went through several notable U.S. and worldwide experiences in 2018: – which do you think important; what do you think are their lessons? If you had to pick one aspect of life in 2018 for you or one aspect of happenings in this nation or your country of birth or the whole world for which you are most grateful, what would it be? Why do you think such happy outcomes don’t happen more often – or are we just not focusing on them? And what could be done to create more such events in 2019? If there is any ONE thing you'd like to improve upon for yourself in 2019, what would that be and how will you try to achieve it?

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