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San Francisco Girl is a social network dedicated to empowering, inspiring and supporting 20 & 30-something women living in San Francisco. Expect coffee chats, drinks, gigs, cinema trips, aspirational panel events and more, helping you to find the friends that make this city feel even more like home.

By becoming a San Francisco Girl, you also will become part of a bigger growing international community known as the 'City Girl Network' (http://www.citygirlnetwork.com). Over the last year, over 5,000 City Girls from Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Berlin, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Chester, Bath, Newcastle, London and LA have found travel companions, housemates, new jobs and a whole new set of friends.

Stay connected online too through our Facebook Group. (http://facebook.com/groups/sanfranciscogirl)


San Francisco Girl is the 7th community in the City Girl Network - a social network dedicated to empowering, inspiring and supporting twenty-something women to call their cities 'home'.

The idea was born from the success of Brighton Girl, which began as a local magazine and evolved into a fast-growing and powerful community in March 2016. In December 2016, the idea began to expand internationally, with the creation of Berlin Girl, Edinburgh Girl and Bristol Girl 6 months later - all becoming a part of what is now known as the City Girl Network. Manchester Girl came to life in July 2017 and Birmingham Girl opened in October 2017. And with more cities set to join us over the coming months, we're about to get even bigger.

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San Francisco Girl Coffee Meetup

Sightglass Coffee

Join the San Francisco Girl community for our monthly coffee at Sightglass on the first Sunday of each month from 11am. It doesn't matter if you moved to the city yesterday or have lived here your whole life, San Francisco Girl has been created to bring young women in their 20s and 30s together in order to empower, inspire and support each other. And where better to find travel companions, housemates and new friends than over a coffee? ---- San Francisco Girl is part of the City Girl Network, a social network helping to bring young women together in cities across the world. If you have friends in Bristol, Berlin, Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bath, Brighton or Birmingham - tell them about us! Find out more information on the City Girl Network over on our website: www.citygirlnetwork.com

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San Francisco Girl Coffee Meetup

Sightglass Coffee

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