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Maybe you are into martial arts and want to kick some butt or maybe want complete peace and want to learn the meditative side of Tai Chi and feel your energy flowing through the body, or maybe you want both. There is something great in Tai Chi that all can benefit from.

I learned Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi when I was 6 from my parents who both teach Tai Chi as well. In my teens, I stopped the practice as other childhood activities took over. However, I have come back to this art again. I've been learning Hunyuan Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Silk Reeling for the last 9 years from Master Zhang Xue Xin who is a Chen Style Taiji 19th Generation Master. I am also a disciple of Master Zhang Xue Xin.

Hunyuan Tai Chi is a modern form of Chen Style Tai Chi that is integrated with Qi Gong. Silk Reeling is a series of exercises taken from the Tai Chi form and focusing on body awareness and chi (your inner energy).

I would love to see Tai Chi become more mainstream than its typical stereotypes.

Video of my 24 form:


More info about this style of tai chi can be found here:


Hope you join us.

Judy Tang

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