• H-Plus with Power Words and A Hypnotic Blitz
    We will review and spend most of the time practicing. So please click on the link to prepare for this Meetup and Get Ready to have some Fun... https://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/becoming-a-great-conversational-hypnotist/

    The San Francisco Public Library

    100 Larkin St., (Enter at 30 Grove Street, proceed to stairs or elevators) Sycip Family Room is located next to the Page Desk on · San Francisco, CA

  • Mirroring Hands San Francisco Workshop
    For the first time in the United States, Richard Hill who co-authored the Mirroring Hands book with Milton Erickson's protege Ernest Rossi, will conduct a 2 day workshop in San Francisco on the techniques from the Mirroring Hands book. Specific location will be determined. Video Introduction from Richard Hill: https://youtu.be/n8zA9cMVN78 Dr. Ernest Rossi studied with the famous hypnotherapist Dr. Milton Erickson for 10 years. The Mirroring Hands workshop and book cover Dr. Rossi's latest ideas on conducting hypnotherapy and paying exquisite attention to all the subtle ques from the client. The 2 day workshop will cover all aspects on setting up the hands as ideo-dynamic signals from the client's Unconscious Mind and using that to guide the hypnotherapy process. For further references including a list of videos showing this process go to: http://northbayhypnotherapy.com/mirroring-hands-references/ For further information and to sign up for this event go to Richard Hill's web page: https://www.richardhill.com.au/san-francisco-19 If interested, you must sign up on Richard Hills web page. Do not sign up through Meetup.

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