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The IIoT (Industrial IoT) market is huge and thriving (*). That said, it’s also complex and highly fragmented. In this meetup, let’s cut through the hype. Intent is to connect practitioners and observers in that space, and to discover synergies and new insights.

Related industries: IT, OT, control systems, manufacturing, space spaces, energy, utilities, natural resources, transportation, healthcare.

Attendees who’ll find this useful:

• Business (w/ technical understanding) and technical

• Across OT and IT space (but with IIoT focus)

• Users (especially) and providers of IoT technologies / solutions

• Industry observers and investors

Sample topics we’d like to discuss:

• Applied AI / ML, in IIoT space

• Predictive maintenance and intelligent automation

• Digital twins IIoT & control systems

• OT/IT alignment

• Edge infrastructure

• Cyber-security for IIoT

• Blockchain for IIOT

• Robotics / cobots

• Actual practitioner tips / tricks / pitfalls Product / vendor landscape

Ground rules for the meetups:

• Knowledge sharing

• Professional networking

• Having fun while doing it

What we’re always looking for:

• Relevant presentation topics

• Knowledgeable (and ideally: good) presenters

• Meetup spaces

• Sponsors (food and drinks)

What we’re cautious about:

• Recruiting… while it’s ok to join with that intent, we’d want you to forthright about that

• Product pitches… we welcome vendor representations, but this isn’t the place to sell

(*) See e.g. (

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