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Hey Everyone,

First off, sorry for such a delay between the weekend games. I've got a pretty full plate for the upcoming month and I also don't want people having to choose between other Nerf related events, so the next weekend game won't be until the end of March. I've also capped this game at fifty unlike the previous one. Though you're still more than welcome to show up and play even if the RSVPs are closed, just be aware that you're likely going to have to share mission briefings with other teammates.

Recently I've been receiving feedback and input from both new and veteran players alike about Jericho and direction it has been taking. For the most part most of us agree that it's been as successful for as long as it has because it's a Nerf spy game that allows its players to explore parts of the city they may have not seen and that just about anyone can enjoy. We have such a wide group of players from those who are just looking to have fun in the city on the cheap, to Nerf nerds such as myself who refuse to "grow up," whatever that means. But because of the size of the games, many of us are finding that Jericho is beginning to favor the latter, and alienate both the former group and new players who want to give the game a try.

With that said, I will be implementing a few new changes to the weekend games. Most of which I will go over when we discuss the rules, but they're mainly minor and won't be much of a departure from what we're already used to. However, I do want to make clear the following change: we will be banning battery operated and magazine/clip-fed blasters. As I've mentioned previously, the size of the games are beginning to be quite large and have begun to turn the game more into a sort of Nerf war rather than the spy vs spy game it once was. Because of this, me and several others feel that imposing limits such as this, along with a few other changes, will bring Jericho back to its spy roots.

I'm fully aware that many won't be thrilled by that change, especially since there are several semi-auto blasters that aren't much bigger than some of the priming side arms that will now likely become the norm. I came to this decision because I feel that a limit like this would be a little less cumbersome to manage than one based on gun size(ala last night's HvZ). Mind you, my goal isn't to take any fun away from anyone, but to move away from the FPS style action that's become more prevalent with the larger groups and instead encourage a different style of gameplay that most have agreed will provide a more enjoyable experience for everybody.

Now don't get me wrong, I myself enjoy running around with huge clips and love the sound of motors whizzing. Fortunately for others who feel the same, there are two local Humans vs Zombies games that very much welcome that sort of mayhem. One of which is hosted by fellow spy Nate Dizon and his great friends over at SFSU. The other is a little newer, finds itself at different SF locales and is hosted by another fellow spy, Connor McCann. So if you haven't joined the HvZ meetup group already, go sign up here (

tl;dr: No more battery operated or magazine/clip-fed guns for Jericho weekend games. Save those for HvZ.

Hopefully this doesn't catch too many of you off guard. Many of the other regulars and myself have had a fantastic time playing with all the new spies and look forward to many more entertaining games. We're only invoking these changes so we can keep it that way. Also, if you do know anyone who does come out to Jericho but doesn't follow the meetup group please let them know about the new firearm limit. And please arrive on time for the next game so any questions about the changes can be gone over ahead of time. And lastly, don't forget to bring your non-battery operated or magazine/clip-fed blaster and your hat.

See you in a about a month,