Power Query - Examples From The Real World


Power Query serves an important role in cleansing and combining data from diverse sources. It is available in multiple products today, including Power BI, Excel, and Analysis Services.

Business Intelligence expert Joel Champagne will walk through two specific examples:
1) Aggregating IoT data (in JSON), passing through Analysis Services, and ultimately into a SQL Server data warehouse, and
2) Combining data from nearly 100 different Excel files (of various formats), using Power BI, SSIS, and finally, SQL Server.

You'll learn how to use Power Query to:

* Cleanse data from diverse data sources
* Transform data from hierarchical to tabular formats
* Use drag-and-drop until you can't - and then switch to Power Query
* Create Formula Language (M)
* And much more!

Joel Champagne has worked as a consultant, product developer, and architect for 25 years. With his deepest roots in SQL and BI, he's spoken at a number of SQL Server user groups and events. He's a 2018 C# Corner MVP, with many online articles and videos. You'll get links to his content and blog during the session.