How To Use Power BI APIs to Achieve Your Goals


Power BI is one of the most advanced reporting tools on the market, but it has limitations. If your client wants to do something that Power BI cannot do, using an API is the way to go.

If you have some development skills, you can achieve your clients’ goals, even if they seemed impossible.

You'll see many working demos, which will show:

• How to export to Excel from Matrix visual (the existing, out of the box export, is practically useless)
• How to Save the Slicer States in a database, sharing them with other users, using them in the future for report generation and scheduling and for custom DAX queries
• How to control the process of creating and editing reports
• A workaround of the 30,000/150,000 rows export limitation

You will learn:
• How to implement business rules requested from your client which are impossible to implement using just Power BI out of the box functionality
• Different ways of Embedding Power BI reports in a web application
• How to use a Power BI API to accomplish business requests

Vlad Gedgafov has 25 years of development data and BI experience using wide variety of technologies. Even though his main projects now are related to data analysis and BI, his development skills have helped him to extend the limitations of various technologies and keep his customers happy.