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Intro to Relational Database Design & Entity Relationship Diagrams

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Update: Meeting Rescheduled for May 17!

Speaker: Mark Abramson of Forward Thought

Mark will cover the basics of designing and setting up a database schema. He'll define some common business scenarios, build out some tables, create relationships, and then go through usage, pitfalls, problems and design tradeoffs.

With so many database-driven projects for consumer desktop software applications, websites and enterprise software systems, the database design plays a crucial role in the success of your project.

You'll see real-life examples and issues such as:

Creating a new table Choosing data types Normalization (and when to denormalize) Types of relationships Referential integrity Join/relationship tables 1-to-many, many-to-many How to actually use these structures in your application While the examples will focus on SQL Server, the techniques and SQL code will work for virtually any SQL database.

Mark Abramson is CEO of Forward Thought in Sausalito, which solves global supply chain challenges for high-growth companies. He's a veteran of several startups and has worked with companies in the Global 50 and NASA. Mark runs the Microsoft BizSparkSF user group for Bay Area startups. He's also a dad, a power tool aficionado, and a cyclist. Mark is a past President of USA Cycling and co-founder of Medicine of Cycling.