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Hello my name is Trevor i'm 26 and an SF native. I'm looking to set up a group who is friendly. I have assembled many models and painted some but im looking for people who are either experienced and willing to share their knowledge about warhammer 40k and its rules or new people who want to learn. Playing friendly tutorials for people like myself who are inexperienced with the actions and steps. It would also be nice to have spread sheet tutorials and experience a friendly group that wants to help others. I'm a dark Angels collector who is willing to let respectful people use some of my models if they are trying to get into the group but don't have armies, other people willing to share would also be awesome to give an understanding of other factions. Im also looking to do painting tutorials, although i might be a little slow teaching at first i enjoy how my models come out. Other people willing to share their abilities and technique in tutorials would aslo be great. Geneally speaking the idea of this group is a friendly, helpful, learning, teaching and playing group thats 420 friendly who want to do warhammer 40k and warhammer although i dont play warhammer fantasy. Share some drinks and enjoy our passion.

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