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As parents, we all want the best for our child. We want them to be happy, healthy and loved. We want them to learn, have friends, behave, cooperate and listen to us. We want them to be responsible, make good choices, adapt to change, and feel good about themselves in the end. We want them to be motivated, do their best and feel a sense of purpose, belonging and discipline in what they do. So how are you doing as a parent?

While these are all quite normal expectations to have, we all know childhood is full of ups and downs, and the unexpected. Helping our children to meet these expectations is not easy for parents. We can start to feel ineffective and frustrated. Our children may not be living up to our expectations. We may come down hard on them and maybe harder on ourselves. We can hit bottom and start to feel like we are doing this all wrong. Or, by contrast, we can feel we are doing just fine.

Have you ever felt your expectations and your child's are not in line? Or that you are not a good mother or father? We want to help but it seems like we can't get through to them? The key word is help. Just because our intention is to help doesn't mean we are. But be kind to yourself! Help comes in many forms. Thankfully, there are skills we can learn to use and practice as we interact with our children. Skills that are tried and true. Sometimes all we need is to be heard by another.

In this group we won't just share our common struggles raising children, we will actually do something about it! By learning from each other and imparting the wisdom from our unique experiences raising kids, the struggles and achievements, we will get their together.

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