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Jeremy Zawodny will be speaking on how craigslist is implementing the Mojolicious web framework.

For years craigslist has employed a collection of mod_perl handlers under Apache 1.x and, more recently, Apache 2.x for generating 99% of pages on our site. However, in the last year we’ve begun to experiment with the Perl Mojolicious web framework for building new services as well as transitioning some services off mod_perl.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Mojolicious and the features that make it attractive, where and how it fits in at craigslist, lessons learned in integrating Mojolicious with an older code base, and a discussion of what it takes to migrate existing services from mod_perl to Mojolicious, including representative code examples.

Finally, I’ll discuss what it’s like to track Mojolicious development from the “outside” and remain current as it continues to evolve.

Jeremy is a CPAN author, enjoys flying planes, and sending electronics into outer space.