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Have you ever been interested in real estate investing but find the whole process either too expensive or overwhelming? Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have shown us that people can come together to jointly invest in a concept with hundreds or thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands and millions. Why not do the same with real estate? Group investing has been going on for decades, but generally it has only been open to uber-rich people. Now there is an opportunity for all of us to invest in real estate for as little as a couple thousand dollars through crowd funding. The purpose of this group is to bring together people who are interested in real estate investing who are open to crowd-funding group investing. Everyone is welcome. Whether you are brand new to real estate investing and want to test out the waters or if you are an experienced investor looking for new strategies, this group is for you. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT one of those meetups where presenters will be pitching you seminars, courses, financial services or "get rich" products (there are many other real estate related meetups that do this- actually most real estate investing meetups seem to be like that). You won't be charged anything to attend meetings and won't get a "hard sell" on some investment "system" (I hate when that happens, and it makes the whole thing seem like a sleezy infomercial, instead of a place for people to get together, network and discuss best practices and strategies). Anyways, this group is a place to discuss topics related to real estate investing, and in particular crowdfunding. There will be educational elements to the meetups but it is also a great place to network with fellow investors. As we all know, a meetup is as only as good as its members, so I hope we can bring together a group of cool people. Full Disclosure: I started my own real estate crowdfunding platform (called Tycoon,, but I will NOT be spending entire meetings pitching that you should join (it would be cool if you did become an investor there, and it is totally free to join & invest, but I won't make people uncomfortable by rambling on about it). Thanks for reading and I hope you join us and make this meetup an awesome place to network and learn about real estate investing.

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