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After forming this Stargate fans group: http://www.meetup.com/Stargate-Sci-Fi-Fans/members/ Meetup informed me that there was already Stargate group with 'interested' members but it had no organizer.

I'm not sure if these are Sci-FI fans or people who are into some kind of starry meditation (it's a thing apparently).

I stepped up as organizer just in case it was the former. If you are a Stargate/Sci Fi or Fantasy fan, please see the link above.

Tired of boring your 'normal' friends with details about your fandoms that they can't keep straight? Let's form a local group where we revel in our dorkiness! I adore most Sci-Fi but my special love and fandom I freak out over the most is Stargate (Atlantis & SG1). So, here is my master plan... Step 1. Find other dorks in the bay area who love Stargate and other Sci-Fi.
Step 2. Herd the dorks together to a set time and location
Step 3. Get together and seriously dork out.

Our group could include activities related to the genre or not, such as:

-A social get together in my huge house in the haight/ashbury
-A creative writing night (Share fan-fiction or other original Sci-fi writing projects)
-Going out dancing for a night on the town
-A trivia game night
-Making travel plans to go to Conventions as a group
-Watching episodes together
-Anything creative or fun that involves Sci-Fi or something of that ilk

...But, I digress. Let's begin with step 1 and find each other first. Surely there are others in the Bay area that love this show as much as I do! PS. I also have this fantasy to one day build a San Francisco shrine for Torchwood's Ianto. He already has one in Cardiff... https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g186460-d4580683-Reviews-Ianto_s_Shrine-Cardiff_South_Wales_Wales.html

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