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This is a group for health conscious professional women who are tired of diets and the starvation/deprivation cycle to lose weight and want to regain health, vitality and confidence as well as take off a few pounds. Using alternative techniques like EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques to let go of stored up stress and negative beliefs about weight that are mostly unconscious to people, a sense of peace and freedom from within is often found and eating behaviors change naturally- WITHOUT force or will power but almost without noticing. In this way not only does stubborn weight begin to come off but it stays off and with it layers and layers of stress and old limiting beliefs that tend to hold people back from reaching their true potential in many areas of life. The weight is just a symptom often, and even the focus on food and weight. The true issue at core is our dreams. What we do we really want? Are we holding ourselves back and why? The answers are always individual, and so are the miracles that come from tapping it out! Visit Eat LIke A Goddess now (http://eatlikeagoddess.com) for a free 90 minute POWERFUL training to transform your life with food and your body.

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