• TDG Academy's "Tennis Drill Session"
    Thanks for the feed backs, we're happy to adopt a new format to play and do drill session, if you want to improve but don't want to take your own private lesson, this would be the perfect game for you beginners, intermediate & advance players. TDG Academy is a small group focus, a minimum of 2 and up to 6 players, applied techniques on play, also includes a ground warm up outside to make friends before we begin! - The total donation - $25/person. - Includes $5 in advance to reserve meetup fees spot, non-refundable Only members of our tennis friends or TDG may message ahead to drop in if there are spots available. All others please RSVP, otherwise start time could run 35mins late so take it easy on your schedule. Please check back on this page for the latest updates on the day of game every half hour! Such as weather conditions, last minute changes and location messages, special memos...etc. There's a good chance we'll change date and time on wknds! Download Meetup, Nextbus, Paypal, Venmo or similar apps and cash L-muni train, bus 28, 29...etc Uber: Promo code "1nnpp" for new user Lyft: Promo Code "TDG" or http://www.lyft.com/invite/TDG?route_key=invite&v=OUT

    At the Corner

    24th ave and Taraval st · San Francisco, CA

  • Racket Stringing Service Every Day
    Updates *Drop off rackets location for the month of April and May are at Dolores Park Fridays and Sunset on weekends I offer stringing service only to our group members to encourage you to come out and play tennis. -Fast turn around time -Less expensive than local stores, more accurate than private stringers -Using a State of the Art machine, no drop weight, no Crank Pull, no plug on electronic head, engineered "Constant Pull Digitally Calibrated machine" - accurate the same way every time, every racket. -My work is consistent, perfect for tournament play with my incredible attention to details and precise tension adjusted knot tie. I have play tested over 200+ models of rackets and over 100+ different strings, logged. I can make expert recommendations customized just for you. -I have used my own stringing by winning countless tournaments and have tested them in different conditions noted in temperature, elevation, humidity...etc, it is important that you can trust your rackets & strings to perform. -Labor only $15. If you prefer I also provide strings at competitive price. -I also do Emergency stringing service on the spot for a small fee -Simply message me if you need restringing. FYI to other stringers, no soliciting allowed on our group, you will be banned permanently and embarrased in a very creative way.

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