Racket Stringing Service Every Day

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Every 1st Friday of the month until January 3, 2019

Needs a location


Updates *Drop off rackets location for the month of April and May are at Dolores Park Fridays and Sunset on weekends

I offer stringing service only to our group members to encourage you to come out and play tennis.

-Fast turn around time

-Less expensive than local stores, more accurate than private stringers

-Using a State of the Art machine, no drop weight, no Crank Pull, no plug on electronic head, engineered "Constant Pull Digitally Calibrated machine" - accurate the same way every time, every racket.

-My work is consistent, perfect for tournament play with my incredible attention to details and precise tension adjusted knot tie. I have play tested over 200+ models of rackets and over 100+ different strings, logged. I can make expert recommendations customized just for you.

-I have used my own stringing by winning countless tournaments and have tested them in different conditions noted in temperature, elevation, humidity...etc, it is important that you can trust your rackets & strings to perform.

-Labor only $15. If you prefer I also provide strings at competitive price.

-I also do Emergency stringing service on the spot for a small fee

-Simply message me if you need restringing.

FYI to other stringers, no soliciting allowed on our group, you will be banned permanently and embarrased in a very creative way.