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Halloween Potluck!
Bahaaaahaaahaaa! It's Halloween. Bring your tricks and treats... orange and /or black foods, scary food, sweet foods. Foods made and eaten by witches, goblins or ghouls... Costumes are encouraged, and prizes will be given for creativity. Come prepared to have FUN!! *This event doesn't open for sign-ups until Sept. 29th. PLEASE NOTE: This Meetup group is for serious cooks who enjoy participating in collaborative menu planning in advance of the event, so please post your planned contribution to our menu when you RSVP, and please keep your commitment to show up with that dish because the rest of us will be planning our menu around you. If you are new to this group, the idea is for each person to read the comments already posted, and then post a comment to add to the menu with something that does not duplicate and is complementary to the other dishes already posted. Everyone works together to help us all end up with a fairly balanced mix of appetizers, and desserts. It's a self-managed team process, but it usually works well when everyone cooperates. We have group rules about last-minute cancellations because that adds a lot of work for event hosts who have to scramble to fill the menu holes, so please read the group rules before you RSVP too. Appetizers: - Bell Pepper Jack O'Lanterns-Felicia - Mini Mummy Dogs-CJ Salads - Salad w/ Brussel sprouts and Faro-Ronni - - Sides - Black Rice-Mimi - Fritter Eyes- Chao - Kim( Roasted Carrots or Ant-vampire Mashed Potatoes) Main dishes -Zombie Meatloaf- Lori -Orangey acorn Squash w/ walnuts-John -Pumpkin Soup-Barabara - Desserts -Halloween Cupcakes-Hilary -Oreo Eyeballs-Ben -Pumpkin Bread-Carol - Coctails -Karim

170 Off Third Club Room (4th Floor)

170 King Street · San Francisco, CA

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This Meetup group is for serious cooks who enjoy the process of collaborative meal planning prior to the event. Let's get together to share some great, interesting food! Potlucks will be approximately once a month and each will have a theme (i.e. French Bistro Food, Italian Cafes, Thai Street Food, etc.). It is key that we actively cooperate as a team to plan the menu for our cooking adventures well in advance, although each event host may choose to do this in a different way. Our expectation is that those who RSVP will review the instructions from the host and the dishes or recipes already posted on the event page by other guests carefully, then select and post a dish that fits with the theme of the potluck and fits well with other dishes listed. Some hosts may review potential dishes and select guests on the basis of what they will be preparing, or sometimes a host may ask you to choose a dish in another category to balance the menu.

Let’s stretch our culinary boundaries, enjoy great food and meet some new friends while we are at it!

A note on Waitlists:Because of the collaborative menu-planning approach we use, we really hope people will be thoughtful with their RSVP's and not cancel (especially at the last minute!). If cancellations sometimes cannot be avoided, advancing people from the wait list is not automatic. Wait list people who really want to attend should also post a suggested dish they will bring if a spot opens up. The hosts may choose to advance a wait list person based on which dish will best fill the hole in the menu created by the cancellation, or may opt to not advance anyone if there isn't sufficient prep and cooking time for a new guest.

-We hope you will consider an RSVP to a group event the same as accepting an invitation to a private dinner party with all of the same courtesy and consideration for the host and other guests. Please do not make a habit of signing up an then cancelling repeatedly. Please do not be significantly late for events. Please do not show up to events without being on the guest list "crashing" or bring unplanned guests.

-Please post an appropriate food contribution on the event page in a timely manner as specified by the host for each event. Each guest should contribute one dish. If you bring a +1 guest for events that allow this, you each bring a dish. Please do not duplicate dishes already posted by other guests, and please cooperate to fill in courses (appetizers, mains, sides and salads, desserts) not adequately covered. Beverages are supplemental and do not substitute for your cooking contribution. Dishes do not have to be complicated or expensive and new experimental recipes do not always have to be a fabulous success, but this IS a cooking group so we do hope you will at least invest time in a sincere attempt at home cooking.

-Do not spam, solicit for a business or harass others.

-Some guests prefer more privacy or personal or professional reasons. Please do not post photos of people on Meetup or other social media if a guest has requested you not post photos of them.

**Serious or repeat violation of any of these rules may result in your removal from events or the group (or suspension of hosting privileges in the case of a host.)

Serious or repeat violation of any of these rules may result in your removal from events or the group (or suspension of hosting privileges in the case of a host).

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