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Hey everyone, we are meeting on Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m. to play some strategy board and card games. We will get some games going by 6:45, but if you can't arrive until later that's fine, too - you can start another game with other stragglers, or get in on a second or third round of games. If you have preferences for what you want to play, teach, or learn, just let everyone know in the comments section. Some games we have been playing recently are Tikal, Inis, Photosynthesis, Scythe, A Study in Emerald, Twilight Struggle, Century: Spice Road, Grifters, Above & Below, Incan Gold, Avalon and a few others. Bring whatever you like, though, especially if you are willing to teach it to others. We like learning new games, too! Looking forward to meeting (and seeing again) other tabletop gamers, socializing and playing games! Please keep your RSVP updated, and let us know if you need to cancel or will be more than 15 minutes late, so we can plan games according to player count. Thanks!

Taquiera San Jose

2830 Mission (at 24th St.) · San Francisco, CA

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This is a group whose primary purpose is to connect Twilight Struggle and other strategy game players with one another. Twilight Struggle is a two-player card-driven strategy game with a Cold War theme and is the number two ranked game on

We also play a lot of other board and card games (e.g., Scythe, A Study In Emerald, Avalon, Airlines Europe, A Few Acres of Snow, Sekigahara, Roll for the Galaxy, Suburbia, Battlestar Galactica, Cosmic Encounter, Dead of Winter, Fief: France 1429, Merchants & Marauders, etc.). There are sometimes D&D campaigns organized within this group, as well.

The games played at each Meetup are guided by the preferences of the RSVPing members. We meet several times a month at a public venue in San Francisco. Everyone who like board and card games is welcome, and we will play just about anything.

The main caveat on types of games, however, is that the primary focus of this group will NOT be super heavy Euro games, i.e. mathy games with an economic theme involving resource management (e.g. Agricola, Brass, Caylus, Le Havre, Panamax, 18xx, etc). Nothing against these type of games - it's just that there are already several existing Meetups in the Bay Area which cover this ground. We do play the occasional Euro, of course, but we are playing mostly Ameritrash, card games, and some hidden identity/bluffing games, too.

If this sounds like a game group for you, come and join us! We are happy to teach games to newer players, too! And although some of these games are pretty cutthroat in terms of mechanisms/tactics/strategies, this is a friendly and welcoming game group whose focus is on socializing and learning new games, rather than who is winning or losing.

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