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Sharp Park Pumphouse Appeal Hearing - Finally Confirmed!!!

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Please join the Wild Equity Institute at San Francisco City Hall to speak up and demand a full environmental impact report on the Sharp Park Pumphouse Project. We need to pack the chamber with supporters!!!

A full environmental review is needed because: (

• Experts have stated even a mitigated Pumphouse Project will have significant impacts on the California Red-legged Frog ( and San Francisco Garter Snake ( populations at Sharp Park.

• The Pumphouse Project will have significant environmental effects on the water quality and hydrology at Sharp Park.

• There are alternatives to the Pumphouse Project and an EIR is needed to adequately consider these alternatives.

• Sharp Park is suffering from a piecemeal approach to planning.

• The Pumphouse Project conflicts with the Coastal Act.

• The impact on the recovery plan for the California Red-legged Frog is not addressed in the Pumphouse Project.

When the Sharp Park pump is used as planned it drains so much water that federally protected California Red-legged frog egg masses are exposed and left to die. This pumping threatens future generation of frogs! The Sharp Park Pumphouse Project must undergo a thorough environmental review.

If this Negative Declaration is approved the full environmental impact of this project will not be assessed. Please join us at San Francisco City Hall to demand a full environmental review of the Sharp Park Pumphouse Project.


Planning Commission Agenda (pumphouse project is item 11)

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place · San Francisco, CA