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Hello! and thanks for your interest in my group:


This is a nudist group exclusively for healthy, fit, young men, 18-31. Our group has a very strict approval process; please do not take it personally if you are not approved. We cannot accommodate everyone, and because health, youth celebration, and male body admiration are our goals; members will be fit young men who take care of their bodies and seek an environment where similar men will be.


1) Have an up-to-date torso shot on your Meetup's Profile, OR Submit a Torso Pic + Your Meetups profile Name to letsparty2k@gmail.com. Clearly show your current core-body health. No face required. No genitalia. This group's profile picture is a great example.

Only the organizer will see them and they will never be shared. They will be deleted after your application is processed.

2) Go to our groups Meetup page on meetup.com and hit "Join us"


Meetups will be short, regular, discreet, clothing non-optional, naked house parties. These events are places to socialize, make new friends, meet old friends all while being in a nude, safe, respectful, and private environment.

Our group seeks to encourage meaningful relationship opportunities between men who share an interest for male body admiration, youth celebration, health, and are in the same age group.
Attendee's may wish to enage in sexual activities both with or without a partner. Members should consider if they wish to engage in sexual activities carefully. STDs and STIs are serious and dangerous. Remember that safe sex means different things for different people. Always verify what you and your partner feel comfortable with. Always receive Consent. Consent is paramount and can be withdrawn at any time. Know your boundaries and communicate them. Do you want to be touched? If so: How? Where? By who? Always respect another's boundaries and ask before you touch. Feel free to get to know the other person first and don't be shy. Know your intentions and remember that another persons intentions may differ from yours. Again, always ask before touching. By attending the event you agree to the following rules: Attendance to the event does not constitute consent. You will not engage in physical activites with another member at the event without explicit, clear and informed verbal consent. You agree that consent may be withdrawn at any time. No means no. You will damand the same.

Anyone who does not match their meetup profile picture or can be determined not to fit the group requirements will be asked to leave, not enter the event, reported to meetup.com, and be permanently removed from the meetup group.

Events are held in private locations revealed only to those who RSVP to the event for safety and privacy.

Any member is welcome to host their own event in the group if they are able.

All sexual orientations are welcomed, with a large number of bi-sexual and gay members.

This group is specifically for fit, attractive men 18-31 who enjoy socializing with similar men. This is not a group for mature, older-aged men who want to socialize with young men. There are groups and communities that want to bring those age groups together. This is not one of them. Please respect that before applying.

Interested? Join us.

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