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This group is for people living in the IE & surrounding areas who are looking to make friends who also have trouuble with Social Anxiety, anxiety, are Social Introverts. Or deal with or have had depression. To share in some similar passions such as; going out to the movies, hiking/exercising, beer, coffee, food or just having fun with other people who understand what you are going through. Getting out of the house is what we need. All of us members are dealing with the same thing or things, fears, etc. Who better to be around than each other. At least you know we'll have each other's back.

I'm gonna do my best to be a decent host. I'll gladly accept any suggestions. If there is anything you would want to do but don't want to do it alone, let me know. I'm open to trying new things. I'm no expert and I'm not great at planning stuff so I am open to suggestions.

A bit about me. Single father with social anxiety. I also consider myself to be a Social Introvert. It took me a while to accept and not be ashamed of my social anxiety. I'm not the only one and you are not the only one. After my divorce I lost a lot of mutual friends and because of my SA, I have trouble making friends.

I did suffer from major depression for a while and still deal with it from time to time. So I know what it's like. If you're going through it come on out we can all chat.

I know we all don't have and will not have the same interests or hobbies, etc. But I hope to make some new friends by doing this. And I hope you can make new friends too! That's the goal of this meetup.

I am NOT a therapist or a trained professional. I know nothing about treating any type of anxiety or depression. If you need help, contact your family, your friends or a mental health professional.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Social Anxiety Busters of Orange County. They helped me out a lot! Again, if you have any meetup ideas or any thoughts as to what you'd want to do, let me know!! Send me a message or feel free to text me 626-253-9268.

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