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San Jose, CA

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Aug 29, 2018


Recently retired but busier than ever! My movie buddy moved to Nashville. Enjoy indie films as well as mainstream movies. SF Giants fan. Adore Pink Martini. Host to international students. Foodie. Zumer (rides for kids). Substitute teacher.

Tell us what type of films you enjoy and name some of your recent favorites.

Recently saw RBG, Three Identical Strangers, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again, Christopher Robin. I like all kinds of films.

Do you enjoy foreign language films? Why?

Language is a social construct; often thoughts can be expressed best in the language in which they were formulated. Sophie's Choice is one of my all-time favorites, and the word for "choose" in German sounds like wailing which was spot on for the pivotal scene. "Ich kann nicht waehlen!"

Do you have any faves you want to tell us about?

Mozart's Sister (awhile ago). Always enjoy animated shorts before the Oscars. Watched three different versions of same story in different cultures; Eat, Drink, Man Woman + Tortilla Soup + one more. Another trilogy (French): Red, White, Blue