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Monday May 13th

7:30 -9:30 pm

Manjushri Lineage Buddha Dharma Center, San Jose

Manjushriis the Buddha of wisdom and our Lineage is the

Manjushri Lineage

Join us for an evening of Celebration, Mantra and Prayer as we gather together and perform a special practice to connect our minds with Rinpoche and our lineage, increase our merits and virtues and receive the special blessings of Manjushri.

Manjushriis the Buddha of wisdom - the embodiment of the omniscient wisdom of all enlightened beings.

His Sanskrit name means "He Who Is Noble and Gentle".

His left hand is in the gesture of teaching Dharma and holds the stem of a lotus flower that supports the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. The flaming sword in his right hand symbolizes the power of wisdom to cut through ignorance, the root of all suffering. His youthfulness indicates that wisdom arises from him naturally and effortlessly. By relying upon Buddha Manjushri, our ignorance is lessened and own wisdom naturally increases.

Manjushri is a full Buddha who manifests as a Bodhisattva, working for the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

Manjushri Lineage Buddha Dharma Center

2109 O'Toole Ave., Suite "N", San Jose, CA 95131 (HWY 880 Montague exit)

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If you have questions please call 650-329-8420.

If you have a copy of "Chanting the names of Manjushri" please bring it.