What we're about

This Meetup is intended for serious museum fans! We will start out by making online visits to museums all over the world, most of which are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Once most museums have reopened, we will transition into a group that alternates in-person visits to Bay Area museums with online visits to museums far, far away!

Many, but not all, of the museums will be art museums.

Re: online museum visits. We will initially try out different formats of Meetup to see which we like best. These include (but are not limited to):

1. Guided virtual tours with a live guide. Sometimes, these are "pay-what-you-can" events.

2. Virtual tours of museums such as those available via Google Arts and Culture, in which each RSVP'ed member tours the museum on their own time, and then attends the Meetup to discuss what they've seen. This option is very similar to a book club, in which members read the book on their own time and then meet to discuss it.

3. Virtual and/or online tours of museums in which we all "navigate" around the online museum together, chatting/commenting as we go. This option would be a closer simulation of a physical museum visit than #2.

The Meetups for #2 and #3 will be implemented with Zoom. The mechanism for #1 would be up to the individual museum offering such tours.

Past events (3)

Kusama: Polka Dot Princess

Online event

Live Virtual Tour of Poe House in Baltimore

Online event

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