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San Jose Pink Pistols
San Jose Pink Pistols
Public group

Every 2nd Saturday of the month

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This is a firearms orientation run by the santa clara rifle association.

This event is a public outreach effort, as such range fees are being waived for this event.

Basic firearms safety will be taught before we begin shooting. Club members are loaning use of their personal firearms and donated ammo for this event.

The primary firearm for this event will be 22 caliber pistols and rifles.

This event has become very popular, we are averaging 40 plus new shooters.

This event is social and it is geared for people with little or no shooting experience.

We start all shooters with a "firearms safety" orientation first because first and foremost because for us "Safety comes first".

4 rules of firearms safety:

1. Treat all firearms as loaded and respect.

2. Always know where the muzzle (end of barrel where bullets come out of) is pointing and make sure muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. For our event, we want all muzzles pointed down range.

We call this "Muzzle Control"

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Resting one's finger on the trigger of a firearm is a "negligent discharge" waiting to happen.

4. Know your target, what's behind it and what is beside it. The range that we shoot at is designed so that we can safely shoot.

The second part of our orientation is range rules and etiquette. Before you step onto a live fire range, we orientate you so that way you aren't a fish out of water.

The third part of our orientation is we go over some basics of how to shoot,.

With our 3 part orientation, when you walk onto the range, your shooting coach can quickly get you actually shooting.

For many of you this is a new experience, we hope that it will be a "fun" time. As long as you are "Safe and have Fun", we are happy. If you get a good score on your target, well that is a "bonus".

We are happy to answer firearm related questions, between all the people who will be from the club, you have decades of firearms knowledge.

This is a family friendly and socially tolerant event. Children are welcome, but parents must supervise and be responsible for their children. The club does have a junior's program for young shooters.

We want everyone to be safe, so safety rules are strictly enforced.

Currently the Club is keeping the event free, however the Club is investing both supplies and people's volunteer time to make this happen.

Considering that range fees are waived, people are loaning use of personal firearms, ammo is being donated and people are donating their time to coach, the cost of this training at commercial ranges would be at least 70 dollars per shooter, you are getting an extreme value.

If you come, have a good time, I would suggest that you donate 10 dollars like others did in the past so that way we can replenish our supplies and keep this event going for others in the future.

Join us.