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Meet Your Guides & Introduction to Remote Viewing
For January, we will continue studying Deborah Lynn Katz Techniques in "Extraordinary Psychic" and practicing related exercises. For January 11, 2019 continue reading Ch.11-13 on Remote Viewing. Optional: Also, check out Sonia Choquette's book "Ask Your Guides" as per popular vote I will start us out in January talking about how to meet your guides and learn to use their assistance for intuitive readings etc. * We will not have a meet-up in December as I just couldn't fit it into the December holiday schedule. (I tried, sorry!)

Indigo Health Center

1190 Lincoln Ave. Suite 7 · San Jose, CA

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    What we're about

    Hi! My name is Elizabeth Black and I will be facilitating this group until Nance is ready to return. A lot of you know me already but for those who don't I am a working intuitive and energy healer. For more about me go to

    This group is designed with the intention to explore the many ways our intuitive skills may be useful in our daily lives. We will sharpen skills, try/learn new things with people in the same boat, possibly read and share ideas from texts on the subject. I want to be as genuine and authentic as I possibly can and I know others feel the same. This is a place to expand ourselves judgment free!

    I also want to set the intention for those in this group who may have special gifts and/or are experts in specific areas to step forward and propose leading a circle. You should do this by writing me at This type of development works best when any and all feel free to share their gifts.

    I also want to set the intention that all work in this group is protected. We do not share personal details about others in the group without permission etc. The work we do is of the highest frequency and invited our guides of the highest order only to enter and participate in our development.


    All members who attend our Meet Up agree to:

    1 - Always treat one another with respect even if there are disagreements.

    2 - We do not share personal information or story about members.

    3 - We hold the intention to always work only with guides who hold our highest good as the intention of any and all communications.

    4 - We agree to hold a sacred space for readees during readings.

    5 - All Meetups have spiritual clearing and grounding before work begins.

    6 - During discussions let's be cognizant of talk times 2-4 minutes. We're adults, let's self reflect and manage ourselves. That said, sometimes subjects will trigger members emotionally. Let us all remember that at times it will be necessary to stop and hold space for someone as s/he deals with something difficult. The facilitator will let a member a member know privately if something on this topic needs to be addressed.

    7 - This will be a safe space always.

    * If an attendee or facilitator breaks these agreements the organizer will first re-educate. If it is a continued problem a member may be asked to leave the group.*

    Thank you!

    Want to meet me? Drop me a note on my facebook page ( or write me at

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