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This is a group for anyone interested in residential real estate investment, real estate technology, and the impact of CA energy efficiency regulations on property owners and investors.

Aging of building structures and California regulatory environment created a unique need for real estate property owners for property makeovers to bring their properties to standards required by today’s buyers, renters, and regulators. On a forward going basis, not upgraded properties will yield below the market prices and rents. Individual investors face a unique opportunity to invest and benefit from the technology-driven property makeovers. Innovative financing enables passive investors to realize gains previously available only for active investors.

We will discuss different types of investments and their pluses and minuses. We will show both, property owners and investors, how to invest efficiently. In particular, we will discuss the benefits of applying a commonly used in commercial real estate, profit participation approach to residential real estate. There is no reason for investors to physically own real estate and share its equity with property owners. It is better and more efficient for both parties for investors to invest in property profits only. Such an approach enables passive investors to match profits of 1 to 4 unit property owners and has significant tax benefits for both property owners and investors. Please note that 1 to 4 units means Single Family Residences, both homes, and rentals plus 2 to 4 units rentals (owner might or might not live in one of the units). Profits are defined as property appreciation and rental income (if any).

We will provide property owners and investors with information showing the interdependencies of different market forces created by technological obsolescence of 1 to 4 unit structures and the rapid development of newest technologies including those in construction. Who the winners will be once all dust settles, property owners, individual investors, conventional lenders, construction companies, flippers, contractors, real estate brokers, the largest corporations like Google and Amazon, or the real estate market newcomers, such as iBuyers and large investors and modular companies? Let’s discuss it together! We will be presenting different topics ourselves, but also inviting industry speakers.

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