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San Jose Write A Movie Meet-up will be a Meet-up with no age restrictions for accomplished or aspiring screenwriters to watch movies and write sequels to them. So, here is how it would work: the Meet Up group would form a number of screenwriting teams, each with two screenwriters, to write sequels. Each team would consist of a male and female screenwriter to give the project some gender balance. There will be a selection of six movies from different genres. A movie will be selected by group vote. Then, each new meet up, a designated team would present a script in progress and other Meet Up members would read the character parts in the script. The sequel must be completed within six weeks. At the end of six weeks, each team would take turns in presenting its final script with other team members reading the parts. All group members would sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the writers' work product. Writers are responsible for registering their work with the Screenwriter's Guild and the US Copyright Office. This is not a contest; just a fun and challenging way to improve your craft, meet new friends and, maybe, even find your soul mate.

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