What we're about

Are you interested in taking a more active role in local government to solve real problems that matter to real people but unsure where to begin?

We are half think tank/half political activism. Recognizing that its unrealistic to expect politicians to have the skill set or resources to fix all the problems in society, we brainstorm creative solutions and work with local legislators to enact them, focusing on new ideas, technologies, and philosophies that address issues in ways not previously thought of. We are a local (and founding) chapter of https://openbcgov.org (https://openbcgov.org/).

Who We Are:

We are a non-partisan/omni-partisan group that focuses on the underlying problems and ethics that result in a broken system. We want to use the newest technology/tools/and philosophies to fix problems in ways previously inconceivable. One great example of that is using distributed block-chain as a way of removing the flow of money from government intervention for complete traceability and visibility, and putting voting on the block chain since it has proven to be a secure ledger. Most of the legislation that passes, is not in the best interest of conservatives, nor liberals, and is often the result of unethical lobbying. Creating tools to allow the people to have a stronger influence over the laws that are created is the ultimate mission statement.

To do this we need to come up with well researched ideas, put them into tangible legislations, then work with the relevant politicians to enact them.

Who We Aren't:

We are not a platform to discuss partisan/moral issues such as pro-life/pro-choice, or how much we don't like a current politician.

We Need You!
Because we need to actually do real research and schedule real meetings and write real peices of legislation we need all of the help we can get! Please feel free to message me or stop by a meeting unanounced!

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General Meeting

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