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What we're about

Indoor and outdoor rock climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering!

This meetup was created to unite climbers in the SLO area for regular gym and outdoor climbing meetups.

Note that this is a Social climbing meetup!

The idea is to be welcoming of all abilities to encourage community. If a particular meetup is less beginner friendly, it will be mentioned in the description. This group is for all ages aside from minors that must be accompanied.

What we'll do:
- Climb indoors at the Pad
- Climb outdoors locally, . This includes sport climbing, bouldering, and trad. It will always be single pitch and open to beginners. The group leaders have experience leading and setting up top ropes for roped events.

By participating you agree to the following--->

- Climbing is dangerous, you can be injured or die; and in this end, you are responsible, no one else. Wear your helmet at all times to be safe, especially belaying or just hanging out at the wall because of rockfall. Group leader or meetup.com is not liable for anything that happens. Accidents do happen, be aware, ultimately only you are in charge of your safety.
- We are not a guide service, just friendly climbers, your safety is your responsibility! Their is no backup plan to cover your mistakes, so don't make them in the first place. Know what you are getting into beforehand, and always ask for help from someone experienced if you don't know. If you don't know who is experienced, ask the event host. Never assume that other participates know what they are doing, and even hosts can make mistake.
- Minors need their parent/guardian present to participate.
- All gym rules must be followed indoors.
- For outside top roping, to climb you must at the very least have: a harness and climbing shoes or at the very least, a harness and no shame failing in sneakers, you can rent shoes from the climbing gym, FYI.

-BEGINNERS PLEASE NOTE: For outside climbing: Helmets are always recommended, its quite normal for rocks to break off, and it's your responsibility to wear your helmet at the base of the climb. Unless you take up lead or multi-pitch climbing, its quite rare you will need to protect your head while you are top-roping/following. However, standing at the base while people are climbing above you is actually very dangerous for your noggin... so wear your helmet.

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Saturday Morning Climb at the PAD in SLO

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Saturday Afternoon Climb at the PAD in SLO

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