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Creating from the Quantum Field with Dr. Joe Dispenza

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392 Corte San Rio

392 Corte San Rio · San Marcos

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Please text 954-298-4086 for more information.

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This group is created for anyone who is interested in HOW TO CREATE influencing matter AS ENERGY (not as matter) with step by step instructions from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

it's so much more fun when we co-create, multiply our energy, and learn this skill together! We will follow the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza based on his workshops and his book "Becoming Supernatural".

***This week, we will continue exploring the power of our pineal gland based on information from Dr. Joy Dispenza workshops and Chapter 12 from his book "Becoming Supernatural".
Also, we will use one of the methods to open our third eye -- breathing meditation.
If you missed a Meetup on Thursday, September 20th, you have an option to come from 5 pm - 6 pm, and revisit the information we covered. We will continue with a new information from 6-8 pm.
You are welcome to bring a snack or a drink to share with the group after the Meetup ***

According to Dr. Dispenza, 5th dimensional creation has nothing to do with going anywhere to get anything. When we get our brain and our heart coherent, stay in the present moment, combine a clear intention with elevated emotion, we broadcast an electromagnetic signature to the quantum field. If we keep revisiting this "vibrational" signature every single day, we become a magnet/vortex and will bring this experiences to us.

So much fun!!!

Look forward to co- creating from the quantum field of unlimited possibilities with you!

Please RSVP only if you are planning to attend. We have to keep limits on attendees so everyone is comfortable during meditation.