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Simply put, we love beef and support the overall health of our environment, but had yet to see a group that combined both areas into one group. Since the creator of the group lives in the Peninsula, she decided to create The San Mateo Organic Beef Meetup Group for those of us who want to continue being beef enthusiasts in a way that is more supportive of the environment.

Do you thoroughly enjoy the consumption of beef and want to support the local sustainable agriculture movement? Then this group might be for you! Please read on and find out....

Given our enjoyment of beef and desire to support the sustainable agriculture movement, we are on a quest to discover, learn about, and of course savor, these beef being produced locally in more environmentally responsible environments. That means we have the opportunity to meet our local farmers and ranchers who are implementing these natural and organic processes to the extent they are able. The 'artisan' part, for me, means these folks are producing product in a traditional manner which can be done in smaller or larger scale.....but always, with traditional methodologies which respect the environment and the animals.

We realize the process of creating a purely natural or organic growing and/or processing environment is costly, a long process and challenging on many levels. There are many ranchers and farmers who are doing what they can to gradually convert to an environmentally sustainable model. This group is about inclusion and tolerance, so we strive to learn about and support those farmers' and ranchers' efforts and products as they continue to make the effort to this.

If you like what you read, please join us and tell everyone you believe might enjoy learning we exist, as well!

Join us on this journey!

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