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The San Mateo Business Masters group is first and foremost a free entrepreneur networking group for solo-preneurs and owner-operated businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a business veteran or a new entrepreneur, our networking events provide for a safe and secure environment to all. In fact, the diversity in members brings added benefits to us all.

We meet once a week for a breakfast mixer and to discuss and learn about local business and entrepreneurship issues. The meetings start promptly with the mixer portion (networking) of the event. Then, while we eat breakfast we invite the speaker of the week to enlighten us about different aspect of business management. Each week the topics and the speakers are different. Then after the meeting, members who desire can stick around or set appointments to get to know each other better.Members of the group with relevant topics will be invited to speak in front of the group and share their expertise if they desire to.

In this challenging economy it is important to have a group of peers and business associates to count on. Yet, most networking groups, like BNI's and BRN's are nothing more than a place to pass business cards around.

Business Masters is different. We understand that solid and long term business relationships are not forged by handing business cards to strangers, but rather by connecting with people and making friends. Like a member previously stated: "Nobody cares to do business with business cards, but we all care about people!"

Unlike many other networking groups that charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year, Business Masters is 100% no charge. Obviously you have to buy your own food, but that's it. We know that by not charging a membership fee more people are inclined to attend. The more people who attend the more relationship bonds are created. That's how economies are created!

We are all looking forward to meeting you at next week's event.

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Come See Marco Speak about Business
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Hey Guys, This is Marco, your organizer. It's been a while eh?

The last couple years have been a whirlwind. My business consulting and entrepreneur coaching work has taken me all over the USA, Canada, Africa. And for a while I even resided in a different state, Utah, while I was starting a new business there. Now that the dust with my new business has settled, I really don't have to be in Utah much any longer. So, I'm back in the Bay Area. Yeh!

If you are interested in reconnecting with me, you can come see and hear me speak at local successful thinkers club. On May 1st, I'll be at the Alameda Club starting at 11h30am at the Pasta Pelican Restaurant, 2455 Mariner Square Dr, Alameda, CA 94501. It's a great location, right on the water...if you haven't been there yet you absolutely need to come. And the group is hosted by my buddy Mike McDonough. Him and I are working on a TV show together. So, my talk on that day will be filmed for a future broadcast.

The next day, Friday May 2nd, at 10h30am, I'm speaking at my local Successful Thinker Club, right here in San Mateo at the Fish Market Restaurant located at 1855 S Norfolk St. I'm super jazzed to do a talk for Madlen and the gang. Come and join us.

Also, I'll be speaking/coaching an upcoming Cherie Tree, BANK Academy and Nadine Lajoie RACING for Business Success event in Sonoma. http://eventsonoma.com/. This is a going to be 2 days filled with fun and excitement...and you're sure to learn to take your business to the next level.

If you have attended any of my talks in the past you know that I'm all about figuring ways to help you grow your business and making you more money! Come and see me one of those days. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Coach Marco
Questions? Call me directly on my cell at[masked]

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