"Seoul" Food

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I just discovered this Korean barbecue place 2 blocks from my house. It's one of the few Korean restaurants in the Bay Area that uses charcoal, which is actually the traditional way to cook Korean barbecue. And FYI, if you're a newbie to Korean barbecue, it's a do-it-yourself food experience. Each table has its own grill and the table will get a selection of assorted meats and veggies already seasoned. Dipping sauces are provided. There are two all-you-can-eat menus to choose from--$25.95 or $30.95. The entire party has to choose either of these menus. For example, it's not possible for 5 people to order the $25.95 menu and 1 person the $30.95. The cost does not include tax, tip or beverages.

Due to excessive last minute cancellations in past events, I have to make some changes for members to RSVP for events. From now on, members will have to pay a $5 deposit each time they want to attend an event with this group. You will get your $5 back when you show up. If you no show or change your rsvp within 48 hours of the event, you will forfeit your deposit. Same day cancellations are not cool. Any violators of this policy will be immediately removed from this group. No second chances, no exceptions.