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Think & Grow Rich Study Group

This is a group that studies Napoleon Hill's book Think & Grow Rich. We will study this book in depth so we can embody the idea presented in the book to become the person we want to become. Come surround by like minded people who believe in self-improvement and leadership to transform the world. Being a part of this study group and by actively involving in it, we will begin owning the idea to see the result we want.

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Two Absolutely Essential Things You Need to Know to Make A Quantum Leap!

You are probably thinking you want 2019 to be different from 2018. You had goals you were gonna accomplish in 2018 and you realized the year has gone by so fast. Actually you are not the only one. Most people live that way every year hoping the next year will be different. They thought they were so motivated at the beginning and things got in a way. What's missing? In this 75 min workshop, you will learn the TWO ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP. They are: your SELF-IMAGE and COMMITTED ACTION. #1: What's happening inside of you is a direct reflection of what's happening outside. If you want to change the outside, first, you need to change your inside - your SELF-IMAGE. In this workshop, you will learn how exactly you can do that. #2: Most people are "interested in" the result and are not really committed. They say they want the result but their behaviors are indicating something different. Only when you pursue with COMMITTED ACTIONS, your non-productive habits will be transformed. If you truly want a different and exponential result, you need to set your mindset and the level of standard at the highest. In this workshop, you will learn how exactly you can do that. This workshop is for you if you are tired of your results you have been getting year after year and are finally serious about doing the work to change your result. Life is not a practice run. This is it. If you don't do it now you will never do it. In this workshop, you will learn how to exactly change your inside that always held you back and what exactly you need to do to maintain your committed actions.

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