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Very few restaurants in San Diego offer a non-Cantonese Chinese breakfast, but this place does, and does a pretty good job of it. Let's get together and share a bunch of breakfast (and some non-breakfast) dishes. 我們都分享一些可口的菜吧!

These are their breakfast items: 甜漿 Sweet Soybean Milk $1.95 (

甜漿加蛋 Sweet Soybean Milk with Egg $2.45 (

鹹漿 Salted Soybean Milk $1.95 (

生煎包 Shanghai Style Panfried Dumpling(3) $3.95 (

鹹漿加蛋 Salted Soybean Milk with Egg $2.45 (

燒餅 Sesame Packet Bread $1.95 (

油條 Twisted Cruller Donuts $1.95 (

燒餅夾油條 Sesame Bread with Cruller Donuts $3.95 (

燒餅夾肉 Roast Beef with Sesame Packet Bread $3.95 (

牛肉卷餅 Roast Beef in Chinese Pancake$3.95 (

蛋餅 Chinese Egg Pancake $3.95 (

蔥油餅 Chinese Green Onion Pancake $3.95 (

台式鹹飯糰 Glutinous Rice Roll$3.95 (

台式米糕 Taiwanese Style Glutinous Rice$4.95 (

豆沙酥餅 Crispy Red Bean Cake$3.95 (

蘿蔔酥餅 Crispy Chinese Radish Cake$3.95 (

豆沙包 Red Bean Steam Bun $3.95 (

冬菇菜包 Black Mushroom & Vegetable Steam Bun $3.95 (

奶黃包 Yolk & Milk Steam Bun $3.95 (

煎餅果子 Pancake $5.95 (

The full menu can be seen at