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Play drums, learn to drum, meet people. Drumming builds community, immunity, and happiness. Come on out and enjoy yourself with us. We love to drum and dance to the rhythm of the music flowing from within!

Come to drum, play a shaker, bang a gong, or whatever floats your rhythm. And bring your friends to dance to the beats we create.

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Djembe Class with Master Drummer Dramane Kone

852 16th St

DRUM CLASS Dramane Kone Sundays, 1:00-2:30 Master Drummer, performer, recording star, and teacher, Dramane Kone from West Africa, will teach drumming starting this Sunday, 1:00-2:30. Learn traditional West African rhythms, solo patterns, sound techniques, poly rhythms, group drumming, and how to have fun drumming. Dramane is a highly skilled teacher that makes it fun to learn how to make your djembe sing. You will laugh, enjoy, and improve your skills in ever class. World Passion Project[masked]th St, San Diego, CA 92101 For more info on Dramane Kone: http://www.dramanekone.com/about.html Donation $20 - support our teacher!

Rainbow Drum Circle in Balboa Park

8th Dr

DRUM CIRCLE The Rainbow Drum Circle Meets every sunday in the Southwest section of Balboa Park. The drum circle in balboa park starts about 2:30 or 3 pm and is on Balboa drive on the right hand side going north after you do the loop that goes south. Enter from 6th by turning on El Prado and then turn right to go south (right where nates point dog park is)... (Note: Even though scheduled start time is 2:30/3 PM, please be aware that sometimes people don't show up that early, and drumming may start later than that. This is a very loosely timed event!)

Dumbek Drumming taught by Frank Lazzaro

WorldBeat Cultural Center

DRUM CLASS Frank Lazzaro – Doumbek Middle-Eastern drumming Mondays 6-7pm At Worldbeat Center 2100 Park Blvd (Balboa Park) San Diego, CA $15 - all levels Class cards available 5 classes for $60. Extra drums available and intermediate drummers may stay and drum for the belly dance class afterwards. [masked] for info. Dumbek Drumming Frank has taught middle-eastern drumming for over 10 years, and has released an instructional CD. He is also the drummer for Middle-Earth Ensemble and performs regularly for belly dance shows. He has most recently developed a performance group made up of his dumbek drum students, called “Cairo Beats”. Class Fee: $15 The goblet drum (also chalice drum, tarabuka, tarabaki, darbuka, derbake, debuka, doumbek, dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, tablah, toumperleki or zerbaghali, Arabic: دربوكة‎ / ALA-LC: darbūkah) is a single head membranophone with a goblet shaped body used mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe. The African djembe-wassolou is also a goblet membranophone. The goblet drum may be played while held under one arm (usually the non-dominant arm) or by placing it sideways upon the lap (with the head towards the player’s knees) while seated. Some drums are also made with strap mounts to the drum may be slung over the shoulder, to facilitate playing while standing or dancing. It produces a resonant, low-sustain sound while played lightly with the fingertips and palm. Some players move their fists in and out of the bell to alter the tone. There are a variety of rhythms (see dumbek rhythms) that form the basis of the folkloric and modern music and dance styles of the Middle East.

Monette Marino African Drum Class

Dance North County

DRUM CLASS Learn djembe African drumming from Monette Marino, recording artist, performer, teacher. New rhythm intensive each month. Learn multiple parts and sound technique from a skilled teacher and world renowned performer. Class is 8-9pm Tuesdays, monthly series price $60, drop in price $20. Dance North County, back room, 535 Encinitas Blvd., suite 103, Encinitas, CA 92024. Check website for class schedule, www.morhythmdrumschool.org. [Robert's comment: Monette is one of the best players and multi-genre percussionists I know. She has been a teacher and friend I greatly respect.] More info, contact Monette Marino: MonetteMarino.com

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Monette Marino African Drum Class

Dance North County

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