Called the Festival of Joy, O-Bon is one of the most important holidays for Japanese people (right behind the New Year). Bon Odori is a community dance ("An Evening of Traditional Music and Dance to Express Gratitude to Those Who Made our Lives Prosper" says the temple). It's basically outdoor Japanese folk dancing with hundreds of others as the sun sets on a warm summer's eve.

It is one of the few times you can see a bunch of people wearing kimono and yukata in San Diego. The venue will feature live taiko beats for the folk dancing, stands to buy bentō, Japanese sweets, sushi, chicken bowls, and more, plus a historical exhibition. It's a lot of fun. Feel free to wear your own happi or yukata!

Let's meet each other right at 18:00 by the entrance. If you come late and can't recognize any of us, call Tokyo Jim on +1 619 365 JIMU or Jay Walker on +1 619 756 5293 and we'll come get you.

The location is the San Diego Buddhist Temple at 29th and Market. Listen for the music and taiko drums and you'll get there. Park on surrounding streets as the event takes place on the temple's parking lot. Admission is free.

At the conclusion of the event, we'll judge any interest in heading out for dinner and/or drinks.