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People have been asking, so we're delivering - it's karaoke time again!!

Join us Friday, June 4th, at Jin Karaoke. We'll get our own private room (or rooms) and sing to our hearts content. Karaoke is good for the soul... and if you're studying Japanese, it'll be good for your mind, too!

RSVP, please. If enough people show up, we can expect a reasonable price per person, about $5 / hour. If we don't get enough people, the price per person is too expensive, and I might have to cancel the event!

カラオケ カラオケ カラオケ ですよ。 予約してください。

When members of this group meet for karaoke, it's totally awesome. Also, you are allowed to bring snacks and drinks into the room. And you still have Saturday and Sunday to recover from the late night. So no excuses!

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