Past Meetup

忘年会 (Bōnenkai) 2012年: End-of-Year Party


2012 is almost over! As every year draws to a close, Japanese people get together and celebrate the occasion with Bōnenkai (忘年会) parties; Bōnenkai literally translates to "Forget the Year Party."

In the past we've done a sit-down style dinner, but this year I'd like to make our bōnenkai more like those held in Japan: more of a party, where people are free to wander and mix.

So this year we'll hold our bōnenkai in the bar at Café Japengo (, a long-respected and very stylish sushi and Asian fusion restaurant, located at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla. You're free to order your own food and drinks. They offered to set up a buffet for us, but I felt the price was higher than many of our members would like to pay, so I think it's better to let each person order their own, or split some dishes with other members, from their various menus ( Their Happy Hour Menu ( is also in effect all evening.

Look for a Meetup sign on one of the bar tables, where I'll hand out name tags so that we can identify each other as we all hang out in the bar and on the patio. Even if you haven't been to one of our meetups in a while, or if you've never found the time to make it out yet, please come by.

If you're taking the bus, routes 30, 41, 101, 201, and 202 are all very convenient. If you need a ride, let us know where you live and we'll try to arrange this.

I look forward to seeing you all.

If you need to contact me on the day of the event, call +1 858 558 1234 or SMS to +1 858 228 6332.

...東京持夢 (Tokyo Jim)