100 Doors....The Power of Syndication!

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Join SD Outback REIN and our Special Guest Noble DraKoln and Learn how to Build Wealth with Apartment Buildings & Syndication!

When he started the 100 Doors Club (in Orange County) his goal was to show real estate entrepreneurs how they could build independent wealth through landlording. In the past 4 years, he began to realize that more people wanted to be investors and more importantly have the ability to accumulate access to the wealth that 100 doors or more can provide. To accomplish this they needed to accelerate their progress, thus born 100 Doors Ventures, LLC, a syndication group of multi-family properties in the midwest for accredited investors. This was a complete 180-degree career shift from being a paper asset guru to being a staunch real estate convert!

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Noble started in commodities, futures, and options trading when he was 19 years old. Since then he has authored several books, including "Trade Like a Pro", which was recently translated into Chinese and "Winning the Trading Game". He ran a brokerage firm and ran a small hedge fund in the commodities market.

In his late 30's he had an epiphany. While it is exciting to be in and out of the market and to be a part of the action, real wealth is made in rental real estate. After over 20 years, his investing focus now falls squarely on the side of the "cash flow is king" model. Having rental real estate can help you develop a level of financial independence unseen in almost any other industry, when done right.

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1) Understanding Cap Rates?
2) What is the importance of Value Add?
3) How difficult is it to participate?
4) Can I use an IRA to participate?
5) Why focus on the Midwest? Are there opportunities elsewhere?

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