What we're about

* The primary objective of the San Diego Reiki Corps is to create a Reiki community in which its members can join together to educate, support, and share experiences among ourselves and with others in the ways of self mastery through the practice of Reiki.
* The secondary objective is to work toward individual and collective growth to benefit all members, all clients, and all who come to share their healing journey and Reiki with us.
* To achieve these objectives, the San Diego Reiki Corps works to bring the Reiki community together, provides healing services to our local communities, and conducts educational classes for both members and the general public.
* We hold quarterly gatherings to provide opportunities for networking and presentations from experts on topics of interest.
* We also publish quarterly newsletters and monthly newsbriefs "Hands On News" to keep our members informed about our activities and to solicit support for community events and activities.
* The San Diego Reiki Corps, Inc. was officially established in May 2009 as a 501(c)(3), non-profit, and a federally classified public charity, under the educational banner.
* Millions of people worldwide have benefited from the peaceful healing energy of Reiki. Our group invites everyone. Whether you are just curious, new to Reiki, or an experienced professional teacher/practitioner, you are welcome to join us.
* Reiki is honored from its origins from Dr. Mikao Usui. We share our experiences and tools in healing and personal/spiritual growth with Reiki and also discuss books, teachers and locations of Reiki Shares. Come to our Reiki Meetup & exchange positive healing energy with others! We will also be including energy circles in our meetings as well.
* We will all forever be students of Reiki.

*Love and Light,
*Mary-Joy, Saundra, Serena, Joan, Judi, Kat and Romel

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