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[Yountville] Lunch near The French Laundry !!!!!!

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SF Foodies had a couple successful events at TFL last year:

Table #1 ( and Table #2 (

To celebrate my 100th event, I want to party in style at TFL!! However, the living expense in S.F. is skyrocketing AND no one can really afford it. :(

A real foodie never gives up. So let's have lunch NEAR The French Laundry!!!!!

Bring your favorite dish to share and we will sneak into their courtyard to have a picnic there. Here is a video of their courtyard: If we get kicked out, we will have the picnic across the street at their farm, right next to the chicken coop ( ).

Since this is THE FRENCH LAUNDRY, I will need to pick AND choose who can party with me. I've listed the steps for our selection process below:

• Put yourself on the waitlist if you are interested.

• Sign up only if you can run 100 yards under a minute.

• If you have a fast get-away car AND if you are ok to drive, please state how many people you can carpool with. Will share the gas.

• I will select people who have no late cancellations/no-shows/criminal records.

• I will select people who have good references from the organizing team and their boss.

• People who got kicked out from other meetup groups will get higher priority.

• I will contact you ASAP if you have been selected.

• If you have been selected AND if you decide to take the spot, you will need to pay the $1 RSVP fee and then sign a contract AND a release form within 24 hours. After that, if you chicken out, you will be sued for breach of contract!!!!

• Let me know what dish you will bring AND the contact info of the lawyer you retained (just in case we get arrested).

• Start saving money for bail.

Dress code: smart casual but running shoes ARE required.

For an extra $10, I will give you one of these famous clothes pins to bring home to show off to your friends:

And if you guys are up to it, after our lunch near The French Laundry, let's go dumpster diving in the back!!! We may pick up some yummy leftovers from other diners.


Reviews on Yelp:

More links to learn about eating at The French Laundry

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Insider's Tips on RSVP (

This lunch will be shared family style. If you have any dietary restrictions, please do not sign up. We will be having dishes with meat (beef/pork/chicken/duck) AND seafood. All depends on what we find in the dumpster.

$1 RSVP to join this event. If the organizer cancels or reschedules so you cannot attend, a refund can be requested. Our events typically have long waiting lists, so no shows and late cancellations made within 24 hours of the event are recorded as demerits. Individuals with demerits may be moved from "Attending" to "Waiting" for future events.

Can you tell if this guy really has eaten inside? I am sure your friends won't be able to tell after you check-in on yelp AND post a similar picture on Facebook. So why waste $300+ on the hype? Do you know how many Big Macs you can get with $300? By the way, here are some tips on how to eat a Big Mac:

[Photo from Facebook]

p.s. if you cannot attend but you still want a photo like the one above, we can photoshop your face on it. Just ask.