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This Meetup group is designed to establish social safe spaces for members and supporters of the Sanctuary Center of Tampa Bay. The Mission of TSC mission is to provide LGBTQ+ “Safe Social Space” Community Center, Work, Art, and Medical Co-op. We also house the Sanctuary Space LLC. a future 501 (c) 3 (January 2019) which is an Education, Community Outreach, and Resource Hub serving these communities.

We Don’t Judge

Through education, community collaboration, and advocacy we are committed to supporting, connecting, and developing tools that help the LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma thrive through community, education, and connection.

We believe that all individuals make mistakes and strength comes from taking personal responsibility, learning from your mistakes and repairing with those who have been wrong.

We believe that if given the proper tools, anyone can turn their tragedy into a triumph.

We believe all individuals are entitled to due process

We believe it is a basic human right that an individual have the autonomy to find the type and amount of consensual sexuality and relationship dynamics that is right for them.

We believe that love is limitless and relationships and commitment come in many healthy forms.

We believe that the term family is defined by an individual’s values and not bloodline.

We believe that no matter your identity or lifestyle, whether, Kinky, GLBTIAQ+, or Ally, no one should ever be turned away from help when they are in danger.

We believe that Intimate Partner Violence is a human issue, not a gender one.

We believe that emotional abuse is as deadly and toxic as physical and sexual violence.

We believe that the family court system is designed to perpetuate intimate partner violence via financial and emotional abuse, which does not serve in the best interest or welfare of either party or the children.

We believe that the mental health system is not designed to reduce stigma or provide appropriate access to mental health care on an emergent, urgent, or on going basis.

We believe that healthcare and education should be accessible and affordable.

We do not believe that you can save someone by protecting them. We believe in the empowerment of the individual. Given the tools, we can survive and thrive on our journey.

We believe the education, guidance, and connection provide the environment for empowering survivors of abuse to thrive.

We believe that diplomacy and collaboration provide a healthier environment for growth than conflict and compromise.

Goal 1: Find and connect GLBTIAQ+ individuals and families to affordable mental and health and sexuality treatment resources, tools, and providers those who are unable to access care in other forms

Goal 2: Find and connect affordable legal options, tools, and resources those GLBTIAQ+ community members who are unable to afford or access help in other forms

Goal 3: Move society past tolerance into acceptance of consensual sexuality, gender, and relationship diversity is a healthy, integral part of the human experience

Goal 4: Provide a collaborative work space designed for members to increase cooperation in small business for the GLBTIAQ+

Goal 5: Live up to the high standards and values we teach here and influence the next generation to be more ethical than our own

Goal 6: Provide a classroom and webinar space for affordable mental health, relationship health, and sex positive education

Goal 7: Provide a safe event space for the GLBITIAQ+ community

Goal 8: Advocate for family court reform, reduction of kinkphobia, and the re defining the boundaries of intimate partner violence and its impact.

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