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Learn practicable skills designed to strengthen you in mind, body, and spirit.

Sanctuary Much was established in 2009 as a co-creative call to action to assist individuals on their evolutionary path and help heal the wound between humanity and our beloved planet Earth. For nearly a decade, people have enjoyed participating in our spiritual healing events as co-creators of change.

Julie Roberts (aka Jewels Aradia (https://www.facebook.com/JewelsAradia/)), the founder of Sanctuary Much, is a potent guide to spiritual seekers through her Spiritual Events, Psychic Readings & Reiki Healing Services. As a naturally gifted Seer, she is a strong conduit for Spirit, helping bring clarity and guidance when individuals reach crossroads in life. Jewels also channels powerful messages from Spirit while facilitating Reiki Treatments.

In addition to Reiki Treatments, Sound Healing and Crystal Therapies are utilized to further assist clients in their wellness goals. A gifted vocalist, Jewels released her album Sonic Cauldron (available on iTunes! (http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1318593822?ls=1&app=itunes)) as a sonic tool for deep soul healing & personal transformation.

As a Shamanic Priestess, Jewels is skilled in releasing spirit attachments, psychic surgery, cord cutting, chakra balancing, and leading others on meditative journeys with guided imagery. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she provides certification in Shamanic Reiki to individuals up to Master Teacher Degree.

Spirit tongue, sweetly singing

Hailing us towards new beginnings;

We step in rhythm, a Conscious Dance.

Through the labyrinth we walk, entranced.

In Harmony with Nature and each other

We bless our roots, honoring Earth Mother.

Until we are whole, until we are healed

In seeking, we find the truth is revealed.

We cry, we feel; We Love, we Heal;

Unshackled, unwinding, the old spell’s unbinding.

Lifting the veil for an infinite kiss

We step into the Unknown, discovering Bliss.

Ancient Enchantments now come undone

remembering, reclaiming...

together, We are One.

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Witchy Walk!

Aliso Canyon Park

*SPECIAL EVENT* All Hallows' Ancestral Healing Ritual

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Reiki Circle: Sacred Waters - Calling the Rain

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