Co-Ed Indoor Dodgeball Open Gym! - Old School Playground Balls - Downtown

This is a past event

6 people went


**There are always more people than RSVPed through Meetup (because most people just come from word of mouth from a friend) **

Who: Exactly 1 buttload of good people, 21+
What: Indoor Old School Dodgeball!...then bar party with everyone!

If you haven't played dodgeball since you were 10 years old...
or HAVE played and wanna keep doing it...
this night's for you!

Our motto's "Hey, don't be a dick." Low stress atmosphere - new folk always welcome, good or bad no matter! And we'll meet some good people doing it. It's a social activity as much as anything. And now we can go to a bar after instead of back to math class like last we all played dodgeball as a kid in school. Which is a nice perk. We'll introduce you around, make you feel welcome out there whatever your athletic/skill level or not, explain everything, and run around for a couple hours!

We play dodgeball every week - in different spots around the city (check our Meetup group for other spots/nights!). And we run social *leagues* too:
Every night after this Meetup the league matches start. We're in the middle of the league season now, so if you dig playing, you can even join a team late! We're a community group and all that jazz. So during seasons we like to do these nights for new folk to check it out (or just if you're bad, or trying it out, or novice). Because yeah, you're allowed to play dodgeball when you grow up! Who knew? Hey that's you. You're a growed up.

Any questions, don't hesitate! We'll get back to you!

A firm embrace,